Wyo Kids - Raising a family in Wyoming

For most of us parents, we spend a lot of our time thinking about how we want to raise our kids, where we want to raise them, hopefully the turn out good, what if I do something wrong, how will I do this, and so much more. While this won’t cover all those, I want to share my experience raising my kids in Wyoming. 

I live in a rural small town, Buffalo. With a little over 4000 people, this is considered to be a smaller town. Most people who live here have a tremendous amount of Wyoming pride and is one of the reasons why I partnered with Mike in Wyo Dirt, making Wyoming hats and custom leather patch hats. I wanted to be part of something to be proud of. That’s a point I want my kids to grow up proud of where they live and what they do.Wyo Dirt

While it’s a small community, we have been fortunate to develop many great friendships with other parents of kids my age. Having that tight knit community does two things for me: 1. They are great examples of what I want to strive for being a parent. 2. My kids have buddies to play with and I trust their parents. I know I know, you can get that anywhere, but it’s a special treat in a smaller community because there’s a smaller pool of parents to find. You tend to hold on to the good ones!

I also live about 5 miles from the base of the mountains. One of our favorite things to do with the kids is to get them outdoors, hiking and adventuring through the mountainous terrain. The Big Horn mountains are a great place to do that. Plus, when we get home, it’s lights out from adventuring so hard! To give my kids a love for the outdoors, is huge. Being outside, enjoying creation, letting their imagination run wild experiencing the vast, huge wilderness. Those are the things I want my kids to love. 

Wyoming has been a blessing for my family. This is Wy "Home" ing 



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