Wyoming is Wy "Home" ing

There are so many reasons why Wyoming is home. Even when I didn’t live in Wyoming, I knew I was going to come back. From the Big Horn Mountains to wide open spaces, to Wyoming hats and Wyoming pride apparel, we are very fortunate to have this amazingly unique state! 

 Yellowstone Wyoming

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  1. Growing up Wyo - Wyoming has always been home. I was born in Wyoming, grew up here, and eventually came back after four years of being away. I grew up in a very small town of Basin (pop. 1,290) and it was a really quite place. Mostly an older community, it was safe, everyone knew each other (which in my case, wasn’t always a good thing!), and my family was close. 
  2. Wyoming is the least populated state in the US - With a population of about 579,000 we are the lowest populated state and I’m totally fine with that. People really like the fact that we’re not a highly populated state! I, myself am one of those people.
  3. Yellowstone National Park - Need I say more?! Yellowstone is probably one of the most famous national parks in the United State. Along with Yellowstone, Old Faithful is renowned and frankly, freaking awesome. Did you know that the park service can accurately predict the eruptions of Old Faithful within a 10-minute window? That’s insane. Although there are dumb tourists that don’t know how to respect the national park animals, Yellowstone is amazing.
  4. The Big Horn Mountains - Beauty, majesty, and really high peaks! These mountains are home to many outdoor adventures, especially those who summit Cloud Peak. I recently wrote a blog called, “My Experience Summiting Cloud Peak - Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains” giving account of my perspective on summiting that monster. It’s +13,000 in elevation, but provides the hiker with the most beautiful and awe-inspiring views of the Big Horns! Hunters come from around the country to hunt our beauty and campers enjoy nights emerged in nature and fresh mountain air.
  5. Wyo Dirt: Wyoming Pride Apparel and Hats - This may be because I’m part owner of Wyo Dirt, but I’m really proud to be apart of what Mike founded and asked me to partner in. Being able to represent Wyoming with our unique, “non-stitch” leather patch hats, stickers, and soon to be t-shirts, it’s an awesome feeling. Our hats are made with real veg-tanned leather and cut out to any shape we can (almost) imagine! We’re geared towards anyone who loves the outdoors and needs a hat that can provide years of adventures, camping, and need something to protect your head! 

Wyoming Hats - Wyo Dirt Bison hat


Wyoming is Wy“Home”ing us at Wyo Dirt, but for both our families. Come for visit and if you love, I guess you can live here too. :D

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