How to clean your Wyo Dirt hat!

It’s funny, most people don’t know how to clean their hats properly, in fact, I didn’t take the time to look it up until recently! I wear my hat until it’s gets really dirty and beat up and then I’ll buy a new one; but wouldn’t it be better if you could wear your Wyoming hat for even longer than normal?

Well, were going to fill you in on how to clean your Wyo Dirt trucker hat in 4 super simple steps!

  1. Blast those stains - With anything that gets dirty stains and grime will build up and make your hat look nasty. The first step is to apply a stain remover to the crown only. You can apply your favorite stain remover with a spray bottle or use a washcloth. It’s a good idea to let the stain remover set in for about 10 minutes.
  2. Ready the hat bath – No, your hat won’t take a bath, but you do need cool water with ¼ cup of laundry soap (find some gentle soap if you can). Suds it up!
  3. Clean your Crown, you highness! – This is where the fun begins. Find the toothbrush of your worst enemy, dip in the soapy water and give it back. Jk. Instead, scrub your crown as if you were the king or queen of the house! Once the stains are gone, rinse under cold water. Watch out that you don’t get your brim wet, or to the shackles you go! Don’t rinse the toothbrush and put it back.
  4. Clean yo brim dawg – The last step of cleaning. It’s important that your brim stays away from water as much as possible! Water will warp your brim and you will want to cry. Don’t. Do it. Use the same toothbrush and brush the gunk off. Wipe off and let dry.

It’s so simple. Now, if you haven’t treated yourself today, go look for a hat, pick one, and say to yourself, “I deserve this. I’m awesome. I’m going to treat myself!”

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