Wyo Dirt - Recent happenings?

It’s funny how life turns out.

You honestly never know where your going to end up or what you will be doing, but you're going to end up somewhere! That’s the case with Wyo Dirt. It started with an idea from Mike, to make hats for those who love Wyoming and outdoor adventures. It eventually molded into creating leather patch hats, with some seriously awesome designs! 

(Me (Josh), Mike, and our other good friend Levi back in 08- Bask in our glory.)

We’ve known each other since high school and we were close friends. Unfortunately, most friendships fizzle away after high school and you eventually lose touch with your buddies. I remember scrolling through Facebook and seeing Wyo Dirt for the first time and thinking, “This is awesome man!”. I followed his adventure from the beginning and this past January I wanted to help out, because I believed his leather patch hats were genuinely good and I wanted to support his vision.

I’ve been freelancing social media marketing for about a year, but saw amazing results and returns from Facebook ads at my full-time job. Knowing that, I wanted to run ads for Wyo Dirt and help bring in some revenue for Mike.

After a few months of running ads for Wyo Dirt, we saw some really good success for a really small budget. We were selling hats pretty quickly, but it was hard to keep our leather hats in stock because we were relying on the income from the previous hats and no additional capital. That’s when Mike asked to partner with me and help him manage parts of the business, to alleviate all the responsibilities. Of course, I was excited and said absolutely!

That leads us to right now. We’re busy every day working on the new website, creating a business plan, creating new products, registering the name, brainstorming content creation, taking pictures, and so much more. 


Big things are happening. Stay tuned and go adventure.



Wyo Dirt Customs - Leather patch hats

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