Camping Adventure Basics 101 Axe vs. Saw

Camping Adventure basics Guide 101

Axe vs. saw

The age-old debate, Axe vs. saw! Ok, maybe not, but it’s still a question everyone should consider when going camping. For those who are new to the camping adventure; we got you covered!

Camping Adventure Basics 101 - Wyo Dirt Customs

Axe – When and what to use it for?

Axes are used when you’re a hair chested man, full bearded, muscly Viking-lumberjack hybrid.


Axes are a super great tool for chopping, specifically when wood stumps along the grain. Something that’s taught to any kid if their chore is chopping wood growing up. Set the stump up, see where the grain goes, swing that sucker hard!

Not only that, but it’s just an awesome feeling walking around with an axe, honestly, sometimes I bring one just for show (I keep my shirt on though, no one wants to see that). Another useful feature is the dull side of an axe. It’s makes a decent substitute for a hammer.

However, against the grain is a different story. It’s extremely difficult to chop against the grain and takes a longer amount of time and energy. The down fall for axes...they can’t do much more than what I mentioned above. Bummer.

Camping Adventure Basics 101 - Wyo Dirt Customs

Saws – The other other great tool

While I don’t feed as manly holding a saw, they are extremely useful when camping. Saws are more cutters and a lot less choppers, obvi; but that’s no downfall. See, saws can cut both against and with the grain. Although it may take longer than chopping, the cuts are much more precise and reliable. Additionally, I can take a log that is definitely to long for the campfire and saw that log to fit in that pit of red-hot inferno.

*A side note – every time I go camping with my family, my three-year-old throws mini pinecones in the fire. All. Day. Long. Seriously. He could do that for hours.

Saw are also lighter, and some are even compact to take up less space. Luckily, I’m not ripped, so I don’t need to be very strong to cut the wood. I get way more time chopping because of how much total body energy I use with an ax.

So, it begs the question, Axe or Saw?

Our pick is..bring both! They both have their place in camping, and both will be useful in certain situations.

Now, get your axe outdoors! ;D

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