5 reasons why the Big Horn Mountains should be your next outdoor adventure

Wyoming is a special place. Home of Cowboys, the rugged western lifestyle, and wide open spaces. Don’t get me wrong, I really do like people (most of the time!), but the secluded lifestyle is much to be desired!

Now with that being said, I can’t with hold on to this goodness forever. That’s why I felt like sharing 5 good reasons why the Big Horn Mountains should be your next outdoor adventure.

  1. Seclusion – Wyoming is known for its wide-open spaces, where there is at least 30 miles between most towns. The Big Horns are very similar. There are 32 campgrounds between Buffalo, Greybull, and Sheridan. Within those campgrounds there are reserved spots, but you’ll likely find a spot in some random little area where years ago someone built a campfire and couple big stumps to sit on and roast marshmallows.
  1. Reasonable camping fees – Camping fees for natural parks typically range from around $30-50 per night, plus additional vehicle fees. For the Big Horns, the highest priced fee is about $18, plus only $9. There is a 14-day limit for a site. That’s at least $12 less than the average national park. 
  1. Breath in fresh Wyoming air – Ok, so what? What’s different than Utah air, or California air? Well, nothing. But theres something nice about camping in Wyoming and breathing in Wyoming fresh air. Call it the placebo effect, but I call it “Wonderful Wyoming Air”. In fact, we sell Wyoming Air on our site. Just kidding. :D

Big Horn Mountain camping Wyo Dirt

  1. Get-a-way from the everyday of life – I myself know that life can be monotonous, hard, messy, and can wear a person down emotionally and physically (especially if you have children). Every time I go camping with my wife and two kids (11 year old daughter and 3 year old monster boy) it’s a great time to hike, fish, play frisbee with your kids, enjoy time laying on a hammock with your spouce, and sleep in an uncomfortable tent. But the joy of seeing your children or spouse have fun and relax around a fire making smores; if just for a minute, takes your cares away.
  1. Lasting Memories – When you grow up and get married or have kids, your mindset changes over to memories mode. You start to think ahead to when your kids get older and you want them to remember the fun times or traditions that you created with them, at least I do. I want something for my kids to look back on and said, “remember when mom and dad took us camping that one time, and dad fell in the stream while trying to take a picture!” Kids have a great memory and vacationing in the Wyoming memories will create those memories that last a lifetime.
Wyoming Camping Wyo Dirt

Hopefully this creates an excitement to visit us in Wyoming, take your family on a vacation that they will remember and will tell their kids!

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