Essential Camping Check-list for Wyomings Big Horn Mountains - What to bring?

An overnight camping trip in the Wyoming Big Horn Mountains can be quite the task and frankly, you want to be as prepared as possible (without over packing!). It's easy to forget things when your scrambling to get you and your family packed and ready for the weekend adventure! 

It's important to note that there are varying trips that require different things. For this, we're going to assume your a family camping in a local spot that's well known with other campers nearby. 

We're going to give you the "Wyo Dirt essential camping check-list":

  • Wyo Dirts Wyoming made hat - Camping typically involves hiking and being in the sun. Wearing a hat helps prevent sunburns to the face and head. Plus, they're awesome and you won't be disappointed. 
  • Shelter - Tent's are most common, obviously they are the easiest to pack around. Thankfully Amazon has plenty. If you're lucky enough to have a pop-up or a full sized camper, you should be all set to "glamping" (glamorous camping)
  • Plenty of Water - Easy. Go to the store and get either the gallons or a couple 24 packs. The worst thing in the world it to be without water and trust me, you'll need all the water. All the water. 
  • Campfire food - The nice thing is that there are portable grills to be able to cook on. Hooray! But if you need to cook over a fire, get one of these awesome helpful grill grate. Either that or, grab a premade meal that you add water to. Mountain House has an awesome amount of entrees, snack, breakfasts, and even deserts that you can get. I'm telling you, they are really really good. 

Wyoming Campfire

  • Sleeping bags - You will be cold at night most likely. Even during the summer, the Big Horn Mountains still get to about 50 degrees at night and that's a little chilly for this guy. Having a sleeping bag that is good for 0-40 degree weather typically does the trick and keeps you warm. Of course you'll sleep in clothes too. 
  • Camping Chairs and insect repellant - Even though we're a small Wyoming hat company, we still use bug spray. I think everyone in the world uses bug spray. Because bugs are annoying and you need it. Also, who wants to sit on the ground? No one. Every. So bring some camp chairs with you.
  • Lighter - Self-explanatory. To light a fire. Bring some kindling too, news papers are perfect for that!
  • A good attitude - It may seem obvious, but camping can sometimes be stressful. It's very important to pack a good attitude so you and your family will have a good time. 

Wyoming camping

We know, there are definitely more things you can bring, but that's a good start for the essentials. So, grab your gear, put on your Wyoming made hat, and get to camping. Summers almost over!

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