4 amazing benefits of wearing a hat

It may seem like a simple statement, “4 amazing benefits of wearing a hat.” Well, turns out it is a simple statement. There are quite a few benefits from wearing hats, but I’m going to shout out 4.

I live in Wyoming, VERY dry, sunny, and can be hot! It doesn’t really get past 100 degrees here, but we see mid-high 90’s often during the summer and man does that sun beat on your skin. See, this little Wyoming Hat company, Wyo Dirt, specializes in hats. Our hats do more than just make you look seriously awesome, but here’s 4 seriously awesome benefits:

  1. Wyoming Hat Wyo Dirt CustomsYour eyes will thank you – Some people don’t wear sunglasses, like me. A good alternative would be wearing a hat. The bill does a great job blocking those damaging UVB ray from blasting those precious retinas. Did you know that long term exposure to too much sunlight can lead to some serious eye diseases and cataracts? Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  2. Sunburn? Naah bruh – 30 percent of adults said they’ve had a sunburn within the past years, including me; when I burn it’s horrible stinging pain from the pit of hell for 3-4 days at least. Throw on your Wyoming hat with a bison cut-out and protect that head and face from that nasty ball of fire.
  3. Skin Cancer is real ya’ll – And it’s no joke. With those rays hitting your head and face, you’ll increase your change of skin cancer. See, a person’s face and scalp receive the bulk of the sun’s rays through the year, unless…a Wyo Dirt cap resides on your head.
  4. Regulation of your body temp – Though most people wear beanies in the winter, there are still a majority of people who will wear a cap during winter as well. As we all know, heat leaves our head, so if our head it covered, the heat is unable to leave as quick. I pretty much should be teaching college classes with all this valuable information and science I’m sharing. :D



4 simple benefits of sporting your favorite Wyo Dirt hat. *Mic Drop*

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