Wyoming Hats - Custom Leather Patch Hat Processing

When Mike asked me to join in this venture as a partner, I was so excited for the opportunity. I 100% believed in his product and I was looking for an adventure that I could help grow and be a part of. Like I mention before in our blog “Wyo Dirt – Recent happenings?” I started to help Mike with Facebook ads to help grow his online market. We found success in that, but we’re still learning and growing our retail sales and we have shifted our main focus to something else. Wholesale and custom processing. Our goal is to be priced as competitive as possible, but also realize that the companies we would start working with will be smaller companies who are growing. That’s where we found success with our Wyoming apparel and stickers.

Wyoming Hats - Wyo Dirt Customs

This is how our typical interactions go: First we prospect potential clients and view their products. Can we provide a product that 1. Fits their product needs 2. Fits their customer base. I know that we’re priced right for the small companies, it’s about letting them know we exist and were here to help them. One interesting thing that I’ve seen and heard, is that many companies are very interested in hats with their own logo, especially on genuine veg-tanned leather. It’s such a unique look when a company can brand their own hats, plus it just feels good to see your logo on a hat! The problem is, businesses often ask themselves "where to start? Who to contact to make leather hats? Are they affordable for my smaller scaled business?"

A lot of the other hat companies require a large purchase of hats to get a good price break. We’ve priced our hats so that you can get a fair price for a decent amount of Wyoming made leather patch hats.

We typically will offer a free mock up for the customer to see, so they know what Wyoming gear - Wyo Dirt Customsthey can expect from us. It’s our way of showing that our hats are awesome, but that their logo looks even better on leather! We eat the cost, so what, we want to show that we’re invested in proving our Wyoming apparel will fit your need and create a demand for your business. Mike does such a great job on designing with the leather engraver. We can usually get a mock-up within a day, and most of the time, much sooner. All of Mikes mocks have turned out amazing! He’s a perfectionist so he won’t show a mock unless it’s perfect. Literally.

If your interested in get a free mock of a logo or design for your company or business, feel free to reach out! Head to our custom processing page and fill out the info or, email us at customs@wyodirtcustoms.com

You can also send us a message on Facebook or DM on our Instagram. We will get back to you usually within an hour!

 - Joshua

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