Win a FREE Wyo Dirt Hat each month?!

 Yes, you heard it right. Free. Hat. Every. Month.

We’re so thankful for everyone who has supported Wyo Dirt whether you’ve bought our Wyoming gear, you’re a business who we’ve made custom hats, likes and shares on our social pages, or just simply followed along on the adventure.

Seriously, you are amazing!

That’s why we’re holding a monthly give-a-way, every month.

Now, let’s go over what the hat and patch will be. It’s going to original. It’s going to be fire. It will be a new patch that we will design for the site for purchase; however, the winner will be the first person to receive that new Wyoming hat.

"How do I enter?" you ask.

Check it:

  1. Buy a Wyo Dirt hat.
  2. Take a picture of yourself with your new awesome lid.
  3. Share on your IG stories.
  4. Tag us. @wyo_dirt

Boom. You’ve just entered yourself in the monthly give-a-way.

We will add those who enter to our IG story and our NEW IG highlight “The Supporters” and will pick a winner on the last day of each month beginning with July 31st. That means you have all of July to get your merch, snap a wonderful selfie of you and your hat, share on IG stories, and give us a tag. We’ll reach out to the winner via IG DM’s, so if you’ve entered, be on the lookout at the end of the month.

Winners will be highlighted in our "Giveaway" highlight, to be held in high esteem and glorified in the realm of Wyo Dirt! :D

Here’s some other news.

We’re full steam ahead on our custom processing for businesses. We’ve reached out to several small businesses (typically smaller local businesses around the country) and have heard back from a decent amount. What we’ve found out is that many businesses want custom designed hats with their logo or design, but they’re not sure where to start or who to go to.

We mock a design on a hat for send them a picture of the finished custom hat. Turns out, people love to see their pride and joy logo cut out on a leather patch and on a hat. It really is a good feeling.

Custom leather patch hat - Wyo Dirt Customs

If you own a business and are interested in custom hat, shoot us an email; and we’ll talk about it! If you know anyone looking, give us a shout out or let us know who you’re thinking of and we can reach out to them!

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